Available Colors


freedombuoygreen (2)

The green Freedom Buoy is best used on open water, such as oceans.  The contrast between the green and dark water/horizon, makes the Freedom Buoy very visible.



The orange Freedom Buoy is best used in locations where the water is light, as well as the background horizon.



The red Freedom Buoy is best used in open water, such as oceans, or waterways already using red buoys.

Key Features

  • The offered colors, red, green, and orange are highly visible to water traffic and spotters
  • Light weight (~8 oz); minimal to no drag.
  • Very low swimming resistance. The Freedom Buoy will not affect your performance.
  • Emergency signaling
Feature 1

The netting is removable via the adjuster. This makes for quick and easy removal. 

Feature 2

The adjuster to remove the netting quickly and easily.

Feature 3

Adjuster to loosen or tighten.

Feature 4

When used for signaling, the adjustable wrist band can loosen or tighten to  fit on swimmer’s wrist.

Feature 5

Quick release clip to quickly detach buoy in case of danger or the need to dive.

Feature 6

Quick release clip to attach to any rope or tether, or tether from your kayak, canoe, raft, ect.

Feature 7

Adjuster for the tether/rope for easy on/off from your waist.



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