“I like to swim in the lakes.  This inspired me to develop a means for boaters and other individuals to clearly see me for enhanced safety.”

Meet the Inventor

Crystal (Lakegirl) has always had a passion for swimming – especially open-water swimming.  After a couple close encounters with fast-moving water crafts, she knew something had to be done to increase her visibility and enhance the safety of open-water swimmers like herself.  Determined and motivated, Crystal set out to find a solution. 

After sketching out a design, and creating a working prototype, Crystal began taking the Freedom Buoy with her whenever she went swimming. It didn’t take long for her to realize there were additional benefits outside of visibility.  The Freedom Buoy can also act as a way to signal in times of emergency, a kick-board for novice swimmers, and a means to carry personal belongings with her out on the water. 

Determined once again, Crystal wanted to take her idea to the next level.  By adding the diver flag option, not only can she swim safely and freely, but it also permits her to legally swim wherever she wants without needing a kayak or boater nearby to spot her. 


Port Washington

Lake Michigan


Pike Lake

Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin River

Freedom Buoy vs WI Dells Duck

Watch as Crystal Garbarek swims alongside a Wisconsin Dells Duck.  The Freedom Buoy does not hold her back or hinder her performance. From a distance you can clearly see the red Freedom Buoy, making it the perfect solution for swimmers who want an accessory that won’t affect their performance, but also provides them with extra safety measures. 

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