US Patent 10,543,888

Freedom Buoy

Swim Safe. Swim Free.

What is the Freedom Buoy?

The Freedom Buoy is a water accessory for recreational swimmers, triathletes, kayakers, or anyone else in the water that wants to take additional safety precautions.  The highly visible buoy allows boaters and others operating personal watercraft to clearly see you, preventing injuries or fatalities. 

Who It Benefits


Training for your next triathlon but are in need of a spotter? The Freedom Buoy’s diver flag option allows swimmers to swim freely and safely, without needing a spotter nearby.

Recreational Swimmers

Trying to enjoy the nice summer temperatures but are worried about your safety on a busy lake day? The Freedom Buoy’s bright and visible colors are easily viewed by boats and other watercraft operators. 

Novice Swimmers

New to swimming? The Freedom Buoy is the perfect solution for novice swimmers who want to be easily viewed from shore. The Freedom Buoy can also act as a kick board while your trying to learn how to swim.


Having a family beach day? The Freedom Buoy makes it easy for you to watch your kids out in the water, ensuring they are safe at all times.

Kayakers/Paddle Boaters

Want to take the kayaks/paddle boats out for a day of fun? Attaching the Freedom Buoy will make you more visible, and in an event of emergency, can act as a signaling device.


Taking friends and family out for a boat day? The Freedom Buoy will make it easy for you to keep track of those who stray away from the boat.

Never Swim in Fear Again

Light Weight

The Freedom Buoy’s light and compact design has minimal to no drag, so your performance isn’t affected.


The Freedom Buoy serves multiple safety purposes including a kick board for new swimmers and a way to signal in times of emergencies.


The Freedom Buoy comes in three highly visible colors – green, red, and orange.

Features of the Freedom Buoy

Are You Ready to Swim Safely & Freely?

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Download the Freedom "Diver" Buoy Instructions

Easily set up your Freedom "Diver" Buoy within minutes! Download the full set of instructions below.